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Who am I

Neha Aggarwal


12 Years
Date of Birth
11 April 1984
MBA (Marketing)
Success Rate
Self Employed

My Cover Letter gives only a glimpse of me...

I have great passion of creating unique and original design ideas to entice and engage visitors. Leading businesses from start-up to high revenue growth by driving top- notch Creative solutions, innovative branding strategies, advertising and Promotional programs. With an eye to the future, I’m constantly trying to find new ways to do things better, to create more engaging and more rewarding work.

Over 12-years of creative career spanning the web, multimedia and print for some world’s leading brands. Blends innovation with practicality and focus on business results. Extremely deadline and budget-oriented. I tend to fall in love with great ideas and I don’t want to stop polishing them until they’re as good as they can be. I began my career as a graphic designer, working through the roles as a senior designer, art director, associate creative director and now creative director. I spent most of my career in India, helped to build and growing worldwide brands by connecting them with audiences.

Nothing can Substitute my Experience!

Yes, I have taken risks and gained


Graphics Designer

Started my career as a Graphics Designer and I am as passionate about design today as I was first starting out. This gives me an edge to be good at communicating my ideas and carefully planning of the projects.

UX/UI Designer

UX/UI provides me the fantastic career opportunities being a technically skilled designer, making it easy to interact with a product by visual element of design. I love pixel perfect details, great design and creating modern interfaces.

Illustration Maker

Love to make illustrations as I am always eager to do the same in CorelDraw. Doing illustrations by taking examples is one of my favourite tasks.

Infographics Expert

This is the era of infographics and I am doing lots of infographics for my clients happily. This gives me a wide area to show my creativity.

Web Designer

In addition to UX and UI, truly memorable websites require strong design aesthetics and development experience in achieving websites that both look and work beautifully.

QA - Quality Analysis

Having an eye to pixel-perfect details, love for technology and problem solving attitude makes me a Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst. More than 12 years of experience in websites design and development helps in this area.

Knowledge gained over the Years

Miles to go before...

The journey of thousand miles

Post Graduation

Symbiosis University

Masters of Business Administration (Marketing)



Kurukshetra University

Bachelor of Computer Science (BCA)



Maya Academy (MAAC)

Alpha Maya

Creativity in Execution

My Key Strength

My forte includes creating fresh and unique designs that have not indexed before, keeping the user in mind for optimum ease of access and navigability. Knowledge of SEO practices required basically from the website origin during development for better search engine performance. I have traditional marketing & advertising experience, yet my focus lies in building a brand through Web & Print media from scratch till final delivery (if required). For me: “Design is my Passion & Development is never a Challenge!.”

Area of Interests

My Interests

Drawing and Designing

Everyone does have a passion for something in their life that motivates or inspires in some way. My passion is Design/Drawing and I truly enjoy doing the same. This passion has very well sketched out a career path for me. So, I love what I do.

Listening Music

Listening to music is not just an interest but a boost in creativity. Music drives me to the world of art and creativity which is never ending. Music listening can be easily integrated into daily life and may provide an innovative means when creative thinking is needed.


Yes!! Call me crazy or weird but I love to drive while listening to my favourite fast beats music. It gives me an immense pleasure, discovering new roads and greenery. Driving gives me “MY TIME” and allows me to be myself. I can sing, dance and even talk to myself being not watched by anyone.


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